We are now a

Essential Business 

Covid-19 protocol

A few things have changed on drop off for you and your dog/s.

Please wear Masks!

For all seniors over 65 or people of high risk text or call me when your in parking lot and I will come get dog/s from you at your car when I’m ready.  Same as Pick up.

For anyone else place dog/s in sterilized wire crates outside back door and call or text me and I will come get dog/s from crates.

We request you remove all collars, leads, harnesses etc. (Do not leave your personal crates.) Please take these items with you, but bring them back when you pick up your dog/s.   I will place a slip lead on the dog to take your dog for grooming.

To make payments easier down load Venmo app or Apple Pay and pay that way or send credit card information so I can keep on file. I can text you total and you place cash in a envelope for easy exchange. Im currently excepting Venmo, Apple pay, credit cards and cash. No more CHECKS!

Please do not come back for pick up until we have messaged you. I will endeavor to be as quick as possible, but now have extra routines to follow. I will sanitize all crates, tables, dog runs and equipment between each dog. 

Customers are not allowed inside until things get back to normal.


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