The most unique service we provide is cording. We are one of the very few salons in United States that cords and maintains corded breeds to the general public.

So don't be surprised to see clients flying in for this service! 

What is Cording?

Cording is a technique in which dog coats are separated patiently into dreadlocks for coat care or presentation purposes. The cords form naturally in tight curled fur, but to make them attractive for show the cords are carefully started by separating clumps of fur in a regular pattern, and tended until they are long enough to grow on their own.

The cording process from start to finish is very long and goes through a ugly stage. Depending on the breed and coat this can be  4-10 months to see the more finished look. So patience and commitment is key.

Maintaining cords is easier but still requires time consuming separation at the roots and a extensive bathing process which we specialize in.  Corded breeds must stay all day for it takes 3-10 hours to dry a corded breed depending on size and length of cords. the bath alone takes 1-2 hours, for soaking cords and the rinsing process is very important.  


Breeds that are corded

all curly coats can be initially corded, most common breeds to cord are

puli, komondor, poodle, bichon, havanese, bergamesco, and spanish waterdog, 

On poodles and bichons we also offer a modified look cording parts of head and tail  and even add color for a unique individual look.  This look doesn't require long stays and only adds another 30 min to drying time on top of normal grooming time. asian Fusion trims combined with cording is fashionable.

Pricing is slightly different than normal haircut price.

contact us for a free consultation on what look works best for your dog, pricing  or to book a appointment. 


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