Have you always wanted your terrier or spaniel to look like the dogs on tv?
Do you wonder how they look like that in the dog shows?

These dogs are groomed differently, they are not clipped and scissored at all actually. These dogs are all hand stripped and carded out.

What is hand stripping?

Terriers,  other broken coat and wire coated breeds are double coated. They have 2 types of hair that make up their coat; the dull colored soft undercoat, and the rich colored wire top coat. Hand stripping is removing the dead coat of the top jacket by fingers or by a stripping knife and rakes. 

Breeds that need hand stripping

all dogs with a wire harsh coat like

airedales, westie, schnauzers, german wire hair pointers, spinoni, scotties, wirehair dachshunds,  irish wolfhounds, brussels griffon,  broken coated jack russell, welsh terriers, bouviers, border terrier, etc. 

Hand stripping is charged by actual time spent stripping the dog at $100 hr. We do not exceed more than 3 hr per session; so some Xlarge dogs maybe broken up into several appointments.  Maintaining this service can be combined with regular carding appointments (see below) to keep dog in coat as long as possible before next full body strip.

What is carding?

Carding is the removal of undercoat from a dogs coat. Its used in sporting breeds like english springer spaniel and setters to make their fur coat on jacket lay flat and smooth. It is done using with a tool that looks a stripping knife, but is made to remove under coat instead of outer harsh coat called a carding knives and rakes.

Breeds that are carded out

all double coated & wire coat breeds can be carded out to help shedding out dead coat!

Most common breeds are irish, gorden & english setter, Flat coat, Golden retriever, english, american cockers, springer, clumber, field,  brittany spaniels, sussex, border collie, aussies, (including most terriers) etc.

Carding is charged by 15 min increments at $20.  30 min max per session.  Carding is a service that should be maintained weekly to monthly to have a correct coat. This is a great method to combine with hand stripping (above) to maintain the jacket between strips also.

Carding is a additional service and doesn't include bath and trim pricing.

For more information on these services please contact us.

Hand Stripping service requires you to sign a hand stripping release form

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